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Greatest Hits of 2022 (MTM edition)

2022 has been a great year for the More Than Money podcast. Let's review some of the most popular episode of the past year:

5 Secrets of Financially Healthy People

How does someone get and remain financially healthy? In this episode, Art and Taylor reveal five secrets of financially healthy people. Plus, Art talks about his marathon race…way too much. You will find yourself learning and laughing throughout this episode.

Listen to "5 Secrets of Financially Healthy People"

What is God’s View on Wealth? | Guest: John Cortines

What is God’s view on wealth? Why should I stop asking, “How much should I give?” Is it okay to decrease my giving? On this episode, author of God and Money, John Cortines, joins Art to help think through what God says about money.

Listen to "What is God's View on Wealth?"

Student Loan Forgiveness & The Bible | Guest: Dr. David W. Jones

President Biden announced his student loan forgiveness plan, and many people have an opinion on the decision. On this episode, Art and Taylor talk with Dr. David Jones, a biblical financial ethicist, about how to view the government’s announcement through the lens of Scripture.

Listen to "Student Loan Forgiveness & the Bible

Overcome the Buy Now, Pay Later Temptation | Guest: George Kamel

The usage of buy now, pay later services is rapidly growing. This is a problem. On this episode, Art talks with Ramsey Personality, George Kamel, about the financial dangers of these services and how to overcome the buy now, pay later temptation.

Listen to "Overcome the Buy Now, Pay Later Temptation

Keep a Mortgage for Tax Savings? | Guest: Andy Hill

Should you keep a mortgage for tax savings? Many ask this question. On this episode, Art talks with Andy Hill about why paying off your mortgage is usually worth no longer having the tax deduction.

Listen to Keep a Mortgage for Tax Savings?


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