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Top 10 Articles of 2022

From navigating bear markets to learning about Christian Financial Counselors, the top articles of 2022 covered a variety of topics. Let's look at the top ten articles of 2022 found on our various sites:

How to Navigate a Bear Market

During bear markets, many make costly financial mistakes, impacting their finances ten, twenty, thirty years from now. It is important to remember that during bull markets (when markets are doing well), greed causes people to make poor financial decisions. In bear markets, it is fear that drives many to make financial mistakes.

5 Signs You May Need a Christian Financial Counselor

Christian Financial Counselors help individuals and couples discover and pursue God’s design for money. Practically, Christian Financial Counselors guide individuals and couples in making wise financial decisions, build sound financial habits, and increase their biblical, financial literacy.

Really Bad Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a month where we honor those who lead and serve our local churches. I recently sent out a few tweets about what a person should or should not give their pastor.

5 Money Moves Our Family Automates

As a family of five, our schedule does not give us the luxury of spending hours each week with the finances. But we don’t use this as an excuse for making unwise or negligent money decisions. Instead, we look for more efficient ways to manage our money.

What is the Certified Christian Financial Counselor Program?

Allow me to be frank—Americans are struggling with their finances in a way that I have never seen before. Financial literacy is down. Debt is up. People are living paycheck to paycheck. They are overwhelmed and stressed. Their finances are impacting their marriage and parenting. Things are a mess right now.

Should Christians Play the Lottery?

As we seek to live more like Christ in our lives and desire to honor him more with how we handle our money, there are some ethical dilemmas that pop up in the world we live in. For instance, is it okay for Christians to play the lottery?

3 Main Reasons a Budget Fails

The measure of good stewardship boils down to how well someone manages what they have. It's not really about the numbers, but it certainly doesn't exclude them. If you had to give an account to God of how you're managing your money, how confident would you be standing before Him?

12 Reasons We Don’t Pray for Missionaries

Our churches send missionaries all around the world – often to risky, hard places – but we do so too often without a strong commitment to pray for them in an ongoing way.

13 Key Questions to Assess Your Church’s Financial Health

If you are a church leader asking this question, you are not alone. There are some key questions that can help you determine a church’s financial health. While the following list is not exhaustive, answering these questions may provide an indication of whether the church is in a financially healthy position.


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