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What is the 7-Day Spending Challenge?

You look at the credit card statement and wonder, “Why is my balance so high every month?” You don’t remember spending that amount of money, and you have very little to show for the amount owed. But as you review your statement, your head starts nodding in agreement.

“Oh yeah. I remember that one.”

“Yup. That one too.”

“Man, I had forgotten I bought that.”

You had mindlessly spent a significant amount of money. You feel frustrated and stressed.

“Why do I do this to myself?”

If you resonate with this scenario, you are not alone. Many thoughtlessly spend money every month. Individually, the purchase can seem insignificant. Collectively, they can consume a notable amount of a person’s income.

As managers of God’s resources, we must be careful with this type of spending. God wants more for us.

The 7-Day Spending Challenge is a tool that helps a person become more thoughtful with their spending, and the resource is currently available to all Christian Money Solutions subscribers.

During each day of the challenge, participants read Scripture about money, write a quick thought about the verses, and pray. Throughout the day, participants record every purchase made and note whether the purchase was unplanned and unnecessary. Then, participants are asked to consider how they think they will feel about the purchase in the future—regretful or happy?

After seven days, participants multiply the total unplanned and unnecessary expense for the week by 52 weeks. This helps participates see the extent of their mindless spending and how it hinders their ability to reach other financial and generosity goals.

God has designed our relationship with money to be exciting and adventurous, not mindless. The 7-Day Spending Challenge may be useful tool to get you closer to God’s good design.

You can get the 7-Day Spending Challenge on our Free Resources page. Check it out here.


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