Pursuing Financial Health? You Need to Know These 3 Things

financial health

Maybe you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe the debt burden is getting too heavy to carry. Maybe you realized that your current way of managing money is hurting your family’s present and future situation. Maybe your current financial situation limited your ability to help a friend or family member in need. Maybe you realized God has more in store for you and your money that what you currently experience.

Needless to say, you find yourself desiring to do something different in your finances. You want to obtain financial health. If this is you, I’m excited for you, your financial future, your spiritual life, and those who will be reached with the gospel because you got financially healthy for the sake of advancing God’s Kingdom. You see, I believe that pursuing financial health is best done with eyes set on eternity.

If you have decided to pursue financial health, here are three very important things you need to know. Each will be of immense help on your journey.

1. Know your purpose.

Why do you want to obtain financial health? Let me be frank here—financial health for the sake of financial health is not a good reason. It is not that financial health, in and of itself, is bad. Financial health is a good to obtain. However, God has designed it as a means to a greater end.

There is no better purpose for financial health than being able to better leverage the resources to which God has entrusted you for the advancement of His Kingdom. This eternally motivated purpose will give you a sense of contentment and satisfaction for which your heart longs. Why? Because God design the relationship between you and your money to operate this way. So, know you purpose.

2. Know your plan.

What financial step do you take next? There are a variety of financial goals to pursue. Which one and at what point do you chase certain financial goals? Not knowing what step to take next slows down or prevents many from getting financially healthy.

You need a plan to help you determine your next step. For this reason, we created the 8 Money Milestones. It is simply your guide to obtaining financial health for the sake of living and giving generously. While the 8 Money Milestones is not found in Scripture, the plan is rooted if the biblical, financial concepts we find in the Bible. So, know your plan.

3. Know your people. 

Can you get financially healthy on your own? Yes. However, the journey is best done in community. You need to find men and women who will lock arms with you on the journey. You need some who have reached the destination to which you are currently journeying, and you need those who are working through similar challenges as you. Both types of people can provide accountability and motivation. They are ones who will say, “Get up,” when you fall. They are the ones who will be there when you cross the finish line. You need a community for the journey. So, know your people.

Pursuing financial health is a good thing. But as you do, know your purpose, plan, and people. You will find all three to be essential to your journey.