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CMS Generosity Initiatives partners with Church Growth Services (CGS) to provide a time-tested process for raising generosity.

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What is your church's next initiative? We help churches raise funds to pay down debt, renovate existing facilities, and construct new facilities through a time-tested three step process.

Step 1: Pre-campaign assessment

According to some estimates, approximately 50% of churches in America have abandoned blueprints sitting idle in the pastor's office, never materializing into actual projects. Our mission is to ensure that your church does not become part of this statistic.

To achieve this objective, we initiate a unique process for the Pre-Campaign Assessment. It goes beyond being a mere evaluation; it's a deliberate coaching session where we guide church leaders on implementing best practices for presenting their projects. The strategy involves crafting a compelling case statement, delivering presentations, seeking feedback from focus groups, conducting confidential interviews, and surveying the congregation.

By gauging the enthusiasm and ownership within your congregation and comparing it to our exclusive database of churches, we ascertain whether your congregation has the "green light" to succeed in your capital campaign. Think of it as a "stress test" for your capital campaign, akin to the diagnostics a physician might perform before granting the "green light" to run a marathon.

Step 2: Campaign Implementation

The successful completion of your Step 1 has given you a bright "green light." Now, you can confidently progress to launch your capital campaign (Step 2) and encourage your church to make generous, sacrificial commitments towards the vision of your building project. Their readiness to commit generously stems from the valuable insights uncovered during the Pre-Campaign Assessment.

You're not moving forward blindly in the dark; instead, you advance with confidence, eyes wide open in the full light of day. In Step 1, your campaign goal, strategy, and leadership team were clearly defined with active input from your congregation. Success is assured—it's like having all the answers to the test before facing the big exam.

Step 3: Campaign Completion

At this point, God has allowed you to successfully meet your goals. Although the campaign is technically over, in reality, it's just the beginning. The success of capital campaigns isn't solely measured by commitments; it's equally about what is actually received.

The CGS system consistently achieves collection rates ranging from 95% to 105% of the committed amount. This achievement is made possible by coaching church leaders to develop a purposeful three-year master communications plan, grounded in the core premise that you can "thank people into faithfulness."

The overarching goal is to ensure that every participant in your capital campaign feels the same level of excitement when writing their very last check as they did when writing their first.

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