"Powered by CGS" Matters

CMS Generosity Initiatives is proud to announce its partnership with Church Growth Services (CGS), marking a significant milestone for both organizations. With over six decades of experience in aiding churches in cultivating generosity, Church Growth Services brings a wealth of well-tested strategies and tools to help your church achieve its generosity goals.

Dedicated to the local church, Church Growth Services exemplifies their commitment through a unique approach. Each church partnering with them benefits from a team consulting model and a flexible "pay as you go" fee schedule.

Your church will be assigned a Campaign Consultant as the primary contact to oversee the relationship with your leaders. Additionally, the Senior Consultant collaborates on every campaign, and a Client Service Coordinator is designated to manage administrative functions. This collaborative team ensures a holistic approach to help esnsure the success of your generosity initiatives.

Prior to launching your campaign, the Pre-Campaign Assessment is conducted to assess and ensure its potential success. If any warning signs emerge, you have the flexibility to pause or stop the campaign without further obligation. Additionally, a significant portion of your campaign fee can be paid from revenue coming from the proceeds of your successful campaign.

Now you understand why "Powered by CGS" matters.

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